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Plamen Angelov Evolving Intelligent Systems. Methodology and Applications

From theory to techniques, the first all-in-one resource for EIS There is a clear demand in advanced process industries, defense, and Internet and communication (VoIP) applications for intelligent yet adaptive/evolving systems. Evolving Intelligent Systems is the first self- contained volume that covers this newly established concept in its entirety, from a systematic methodology to case studies to industrial applications. Featuring chapters written by leading world experts, it addresses the progress, trends, and major achievements in this emerging research field, with a strong emphasis on the balance between novel theoretical results and solutions and practical real-life applications. Explains the following fundamental approaches for developing evolving intelligent systems (EIS): the Hierarchical Prioritized Structure the Participatory Learning Paradigm the Evolving Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy systems (eTS+) the evolving clustering algorithm that stems from the well-known Gustafson-Kessel offline clustering algorithm Emphasizes the importance and increased interest in online processing of data streams Outlines the general strategy of using the fuzzy dynamic clustering as a foundation for evolvable information granulation Presents a methodology for developing robust and interpretable evolving fuzzy rule-based systems Introduces an integrated approach to incremental (real-time) feature extraction and classification Proposes a study on the stability of evolving neuro-fuzzy recurrent networks Details methodologies for evolving clustering and classification Reveals different applications of EIS to address real problems in areas of: evolving inferential sensors in chemical and petrochemical industry learning and recognition in robotics Features downloadable software resources Evolving Intelligent Systems is the one-stop reference guide for both theoretical and practical issues for computer scientists, engineers, researchers, applied mathematicians, machine learning and data mining experts, graduate students, and professionals.

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Plamen Angelov Autonomous Learning Systems. From Data Streams to Knowledge in Real-time

Autonomous Learning Systems is the result of over a decade of focused research and studies in this emerging area which spans a number of well-known and well-established disciplines that include machine learning, system identification, data mining, fuzzy logic, neural networks, neuro-fuzzy systems, control theory and pattern recognition. The evolution of these systems has been both industry-driven with an increasing demand from sectors such as defence and security, aerospace and advanced process industries, bio-medicine and intelligent transportation, as well as research-driven – there is a strong trend of innovation of all of the above well-established research disciplines that is linked to their on-line and real-time application; their adaptability and flexibility. Providing an introduction to the key technologies, detailed technical explanations of the methodology, and an illustration of the practical relevance of the approach with a wide range of applications, this book addresses the challenges of autonomous learning systems with a systematic approach that lays the foundations for a fast growing area of research that will underpin a range of technological applications vital to both industry and society. Key features: Presents the subject systematically from explaining the fundamentals to illustrating the proposed approach with numerous applications. Covers a wide range of applications in fields including unmanned vehicles/robotics, oil refineries, chemical industry, evolving user behaviour and activity recognition. Reviews traditional fields including clustering, classification, control, fault detection and anomaly detection, filtering and estimation through the prism of evolving and autonomously learning mechanisms. Accompanied by a website hosting additional material, including the software toolbox and lecture notes. Autonomous Learning Systems provides a ‘one-stop shop’ on the subject for academics, students, researchers and practicing engineers. It is also a valuable reference for Government agencies and software developers.

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Haibo He Self-Adaptive Systems for Machine Intelligence

This book will advance the understanding and application of self-adaptive intelligent systems; therefore it will potentially benefit the long-term goal of replicating certain levels of brain-like intelligence in complex and networked engineering systems. It will provide new approaches for adaptive systems within uncertain environments. This will provide an opportunity to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the current state-of-the-art of knowledge, give rise to new research directions, and educate future professionals in this domain. Self-adaptive intelligent systems have wide applications from military security systems to civilian daily life. In this book, different application problems, including pattern recognition, classification, image recovery, and sequence learning, will be presented to show the capability of the proposed systems in learning, memory, and prediction. Therefore, this book will also provide potential new solutions to many real-world applications.

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Asier Perallos Intelligent Transport Systems. Technologies and Applications

The book provides a systematic overview of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). First, it includes an insight into the reference architectures developed within the main EU research projects. Then, it delves into each of the layers of such architectures, from physical to application layer, describing the technological issues which are being currently faced by some of the most important ITS research groups. The book concludes with some end user services and applications deployed by industrial partners. This book is a well-balanced combination of academic contributions and industrial applications in the field of Intelligent Transportation Systems. The most representative technologies and research results achieved by some of the most relevant research groups working on ITS, collated to show the chances of generating industrial solutions to be deployed in real transportation environments.

9117.3 РУБ



Matthias Busse Material-Integrated Intelligent Systems. Technology and Applications

Combining different perspectives from materials science, engineering, and computer science, this reference provides a unified view of the various aspects necessary for the successful realization of intelligent systems. The editors and authors are from academia and research institutions with close ties to industry, and are thus able to offer first-hand information here. They adopt a unique, three-tiered approach such that readers can gain basic, intermediate, and advanced topical knowledge. The technology section of the book is divided into chapters covering the basics of sensor integration in materials, the challenges associated with this approach, data processing, evaluation, and validation, as well as methods for achieving an autonomous energy supply. The applications part then goes on to showcase typical scenarios where material-integrated intelligent systems are already in use, such as for structural health monitoring and smart textiles.

22870.09 РУБ



Quan Li Intelligent Stimuli-Responsive Materials. From Well-Defined Nanostructures to Applications

There has been concerted effort across scientific disciplines to develop artificial materials and systems that can help researchers understand natural stimuli-responsive activities. With its up-to-date coverage on intelligent stimuli-responsive materials, Intelligent Stimuli-Responsive Materials provides research, industry, and academia professionals with the fundamentals and principles of intelligent stimuli-responsive materials, with a focus on methods and applications. Emphasizing nanostructures and applications for a broad range of fields, each chapter comprehensively covers a different stimuli-responsive material and discusses its developments, advances, challenges, analytical techniques, and applications.

14330.18 РУБ



Yacov Haimes Y. Modeling and Managing Interdependent Complex Systems of

A comprehensive guide to the theory, methodology, and development for modeling systems of systems Modeling and Managing Interdependent Complex Systems of Systems examines the complexity of, and the risk to, emergent interconnected and interdependent complex systems of systems in the natural and the constructed environment, and in its critical infrastructures. For systems modelers, this book focuses on what constitutes complexity and how to understand, model and manage it.Previous modeling methods for complex systems of systems were aimed at developing theory and methodologies for uncoupling the interdependencies and interconnections that characterize them. In this book, the author extends the above by utilizing public- and private- sector case studies; identifies, explores, and exploits the core of interdependencies; and seeks to understand their essence via the states of the system, and their dominant contributions to the complexity of systems of systems. The book proposes a reevaluation of fundamental and practical systems engineering and risk analysis concepts on complex systems of systems developed over the past 40 years. This important resource: Updates and streamlines systems engineering theory, methodology, and practice as applied to complex systems of systems Introduces modeling methodology inspired by philosophical and conceptual thinking from the arts and sciences Models the complexity of emergent interdependent and interconnected complex systems of systems by analyzing their shared states, decisions, resources, and decisionmakers Written for systems engineers, industrial engineers, managers, planners, academics and other professionals in engineering systems and the environment,this text is the resource for understanding the fundamental principles of modeling and managing complex systems of systems, and the risk thereto.

9579 РУБ



Laurent Schmitt Metaheuristics for Intelligent Electrical Networks

Intelligence is defined by the ability to optimize, manage and reconcile the currents of physical, economic and even social flows. The strong constraint of immediacy proves to be an opportunity to imagine, propose and deliver solutions on the common basis of optimization techniques. Metaheuristics for Intelligent Electrical Networks analyzes the use of metaheuristics through independent applications but united by the same methodology.

10123.22 РУБ



Pathak Yashwant Antibody-Mediated Drug Delivery Systems. Concepts, Technology, and Applications

This book covers various aspects of antibody mediated drug delivery systems – theoretical aspects, processing, viral and non-viral vectors, and fields where these systems find and /or are being evaluated for applications as therapeutics and diagnostic treatment. Chapters discuss actual applications of techniques used for formulation and characterization. Applications areas include cancer, pulmonary, ocular diseases; brain drug delivery; and vaccine delivery. The contributing authors represent over 10 different countries, covering recent developments happening around the globe.

12640.45 РУБ



Plamen Angelov Sense and Avoid in UAS. Research Applications

There is increasing interest in the potential of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) and MAV (Micro Air Vehicle) technology and their wide ranging applications including defence missions, reconnaissance and surveillance, border patrol, disaster zone assessment and atmospheric research. High investment levels from the military sector globally is driving research and development and increasing the viability of autonomous platforms as replacements for the remotely piloted vehicles more commonly in use. UAV/UAS pose a number of new challenges, with the autonomy and in particular collision avoidance, detect and avoid, or sense and avoid, as the most challenging one, involving both regulatory and technical issues. Sense and Avoid in UAS: Research and Applications covers the problem of detect, sense and avoid in UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) in depth and combines the theoretical and application results by leading academics and researchers from industry and academia. Key features: Presents a holistic view of the sense and avoid problem in the wider application of autonomous systems Includes information on human factors, regulatory issues and navigation, control, aerodynamics and physics aspects of the sense and avoid problem in UAS Provides professional, scientific and reliable content that is easy to understand, and Includes contributions from leading engineers and researchers in the field Sense and Avoid in UAS: Research and Applications is an invaluable source of original and specialised information. It acts as a reference manual for practising engineers and advanced theoretical researchers and also forms a useful resource for younger engineers and postgraduate students. With its credible sources and thorough review process, Sense and Avoid in UAS: Research and Applications provides a reliable source of information in an area that is fast expanding but scarcely covered.

9972.41 РУБ



Marvin Rausand Reliability of Safety-Critical Systems. Theory and Applications

Presents the theory and methodology for reliability assessments of safety-critical functions through examples from a wide range of applications Reliability of Safety-Critical Systems: Theory and Applications provides a comprehensive introduction to reliability assessments of safety-related systems based on electrical, electronic, and programmable electronic (E/E/PE) technology. With a focus on the design and development phases of safety-critical systems, the book presents theory and methods required to document compliance with IEC 61508 and the associated sector-specific standards. Combining theory and practical applications, Reliability of Safety-Critical Systems: Theory and Applications implements key safety-related strategies and methods to meet quantitative safety integrity requirements. In addition, the book details a variety of reliability analysis methods that are needed during all stages of a safety-critical system, beginning with specification and design and advancing to operations, maintenance, and modification control. The key categories of safety life-cycle phases are featured, including strategies for the allocation of reliability performance requirements; assessment methods in relation to design; and reliability quantification in relation to operation and maintenance. Issues and benefits that arise from complex modern technology developments are featured, as well as: Real-world examples from large industry facilities with major accident potential and products owned by the general public such as cars and tools Plentiful worked examples throughout that provide readers with a deeper understanding of the core concepts and aid in the analysis and solution of common issues when assessing all facets of safety-critical systems Approaches that work on a wide scope of applications and can be applied to the analysis of any safety-critical system A brief appendix of probability theory for reference With an emphasis on how safety-critical functions are introduced into systems and facilities to prevent or mitigate the impact of an accident, this book is an excellent guide for professionals, consultants, and operators of safety-critical systems who carry out practical, risk, and reliability assessments of safety-critical systems. Reliability of Safety-Critical Systems: Theory and Applications is also a useful textbook for courses in reliability assessment of safety-critical systems and reliability engineering at the graduate-level, as well as for consulting companies offering short courses in reliability assessment of safety-critical systems.

9972.41 РУБ



Kanoglu Mehmet Refrigeration Systems and Applications

Refrigeration Systems and Applications, 2nd edition offers a comprehensive treatise that addresses real-life technical and operational problems, enabling the reader to gain an understanding of the fundamental principles and the practical applications of refrigeration technology. New and unique analysis techniques (including exergy as a potential tool), models, correlations, procedures and applications are covered, and recent developments in the field are included – many of which are taken from the authors own research activities in this area. The book also includes some discussion of global warming issues and its potential solutions. Enables the reader to gain an understanding of the fundamental principles and the practical applications of refrigeration technologies. Discusses crucial industrial technical and operational problems, as well as new performance improvement techniques and tools for better design and analysis. Includes fundamental aspects of thermodynamics, fluid flow, and heat transfer; refrigerants; refrigeration cycles and systems; advanced refrigeration cycles and systems, including some novel applications; heat pumps; heat pipes; and many more. Provides easy to follow explanations, numerous new chapter-end problems and worked-out examples as learning aids for students and instructors. Refrigeration is extensively used in a variety of thermal engineering applications ranging from the cooling of electronic devices to food cooling processes. Its wide-ranging implications and applications mean that this industry plays a key role in national and international economies, and it continues to be an area of active research and development. Refrigeration Systems and Applications, 2nd edition forms a useful reference source for graduate and postgraduate students and researchers in academia and as well as practicing engineers working in this important field who are interested in refrigeration systems and applications and the methods and analysis tools for their analysis, design and performance improvement.

10192.06 РУБ



Andreas Tolk Modeling and Simulation Support for System of Systems Engineering Applications

“…a much-needed handbook with contributions from well-chosen practitioners. A primary accomplishment is to provide guidance for those involved in modeling and simulation in support of Systems of Systems development, more particularly guidance that draws on well-conceived academic research to define concepts and terms, that identifies primary challenges for developers, and that suggests fruitful approaches grounded in theory and successful examples.” Paul Davis, The RAND Corporation Modeling and Simulation Support for System of Systems Engineering Applications provides a comprehensive overview of the underlying theory, methods, and solutions in modeling and simulation support for system of systems engineering. Highlighting plentiful multidisciplinary applications of modeling and simulation, the book uniquely addresses the criteria and challenges found within the field. Beginning with a foundation of concepts, terms, and categories, a theoretical and generalized approach to system of systems engineering is introduced, and real-world applications via case studies and examples are presented. A unified approach is maintained in an effort to understand the complexity of a single system as well as the context among other proximate systems. In addition, the book features: Cutting edge coverage of modeling and simulation within the field of system of systems, including transportation, system health management, space mission analysis, systems engineering methodology, and energy State-of-the-art advances within multiple domains to instantiate theoretic insights, applicable methods, and lessons learned from real-world applications of modeling and simulation The challenges of system of systems engineering using a systematic and holistic approach Key concepts, terms, and activities to provide a comprehensive, unified, and concise representation of the field A collection of chapters written by over 40 recognized international experts from academia, government, and industry A research agenda derived from the contribution of experts that guides scholars and researchers towards open questions Modeling and Simulation Support for System of Systems Engineering Applications is an ideal reference and resource for academics and practitioners in operations research, engineering, statistics, mathematics, modeling and simulation, and computer science. The book is also an excellent course book for graduate and PhD-level courses in modeling and simulation, engineering, and computer science.

10497.42 РУБ



Michael Smith C. How to Do Systems Analysis. Primer and Casebook

Presents the foundational systemic thinking needed to conceive systems that address complex socio-technical problems This book emphasizes the underlying systems analysis components and associated thought processes. The authors describe an approach that is appropriate for complex systems in diverse disciplines complemented by a case-based pedagogy for teaching systems analysis that includes numerous cases that can be used to teach both the art and methods of systems analysis. Covers the six major phases of systems analysis, as well as goal development, the index of performance, evaluating candidate solutions, managing systems teams, project management, and more Presents the core concepts of a general systems analysis methodology Introduces, motivates, and illustrates the case pedagogy as a means of teaching and practicing systems analysis concepts Provides numerous cases that challenge readers to practice systems thinking and the systems methodology How to Do Systems Analysis: Primer and Casebook is a reference for professionals in all fields that need systems analysis, such as telecommunications, transportation, business consulting, financial services, and healthcare. This book also serves as a textbook for undergraduate and graduate students in systems analysis courses in business schools, engineering schools, policy programs, and any course that promotes systems thinking.

8997.79 РУБ



Yves Brunet Energy Storage

Energy storage examines different applications such as electric power generation, transmission and distribution systems, pulsed systems, transportation, buildings and mobile applications. For each of these applications, proper energy storage technologies are foreseen, with their advantages, disadvantages and limits. As electricity cannot be stored cheaply in large quantities, energy has to be stored in another form (chemical, thermal, electromagnetic, mechanical) and then converted back into electric power and/or energy using conversion systems. Most of the storage technologies are examined: batteries, hydrogen, super capacitors, SMES, flywheels, CAES, thermal storage and hydraulic gravitational storage.

7736 РУБ



Chen YangQuan System Simulation Techniques with MATLAB and Simulink

System Simulation Techniques with MATLAB and Simulink comprehensively explains how to use MATLAB and Simulink to perform dynamic systems simulation tasks for engineering and non-engineering applications. This book begins with covering the fundamentals of MATLAB programming and applications, and the solutions to different mathematical problems in simulation. The fundamentals of Simulink modelling and simulation are then presented, followed by coverage of intermediate level modelling skills and more advanced techniques in Simulink modelling and applications. Finally the modelling and simulation of engineering and non-engineering systems are presented. The areas covered include electrical, electronic systems, mechanical systems, pharmacokinetic systems, video and image processing systems and discrete event systems. Hardware-in-the-loop simulation and real-time application are also discussed. Key features: Progressive building of simulation skills using Simulink, from basics through to advanced levels, with illustrations and examples Wide coverage of simulation topics of applications from engineering to non-engineering systems Dedicated chapter on hardware-in-the-loop simulation and real time control End of chapter exercises A companion website hosting a solution manual and powerpoint slides System Simulation Techniques with MATLAB and Simulink is a suitable textbook for senior undergraduate/postgraduate courses covering modelling and simulation, and is also an ideal reference for researchers and practitioners in industry.

9808.9 РУБ



Mingcong Deng Operator-Based Nonlinear Control Systems Design and Applications

Enables readers to master and apply the operator-theoretic approach Control of nonlinear systems is a multidisciplinary field involving electrical engineering, computer science, and control engineering. Specifically, this book addresses uncertain nonlinearity. Beginning with how real plants are modeled as operator-based plants, the author develops a systematic methodology that enables readers to understand a quantitative stability result, a critical factor in any nonlinear control systems stability and performance. Operator-Based Nonlinear Control Systems: Design and Applications focuses on the operator-theoretic approach, offering detailed examples on how to apply it to network controlled systems. In addition to current research results, the author explores future research directions and applications of the operator-theoretic approach. The book begins with an introduction that defines nonlinear systems. Next, it covers: Robust right coprime factorization for nonlinear plants with uncertainties Robust stability of operator-based nonlinear control systems Tracking issues and fault detection issues in nonlinear control systems Operator-based nonlinear control systems with smart actuators Nonlinear feedback control for large-scale systems using a distributed control system device Throughout the book, discussions of actual applications help readers understand how the operator-theoretic approach works in practice. Operator-Based Nonlinear Control Systems is recommended for students and professionals in control theory engineering and applied mathematics. Working with this expertly written and organized book, they will learn how to obtain robust right coprime factorization for modeled plants. Moreover, they will discover state-of-the-technology research results on robust stability conditions as well as the latest system output tracking and fault detection issues that are challenging todays researchers.

9593.94 РУБ



Mrityunjay Singh Ceramics for Environmental Systems

This volume contains a collection of 14 papers submitted from the below five symposia held during the 11th International Symposium on Ceramic Materials and Components for Energy and Environmental Applications (CMCEE-11), June 14-19, 2015 in Vancouver, BC, Canada: Photocatalysts for Energy and Environmental Applications Advanced Functional Materials, Devices, and Systems for the Environment Geopolymers, Inorganic Polymer Ceramics and Sustainable Composites Macroporous Ceramics For Environmental and Energy Applications Advanced Sensors for Energy, Environment, and Health Applications

13121.77 РУБ



Yue Wang Cooperative Control of Multi-Agent Systems. Theory and Applications

A comprehensive review of the state of the art in the control of multi-agent systems theory and applications The superiority of multi-agent systems over single agents for the control of unmanned air, water and ground vehicles has been clearly demonstrated in a wide range of application areas. Their large-scale spatial distribution, robustness, high scalability and low cost enable multi-agent systems to achieve tasks that could not successfully be performed by even the most sophisticated single agent systems. Cooperative Control of Multi-Agent Systems: Theory and Applications provides a wide-ranging review of the latest developments in the cooperative control of multi-agent systems theory and applications. The applications described are mainly in the areas of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs). Throughout, the authors link basic theory to multi-agent cooperative control practice – illustrated within the context of highly-realistic scenarios of high-level missions – without losing site of the mathematical background needed to provide performance guarantees under general working conditions. Many of the problems and solutions considered involve combinations of both types of vehicles. Topics explored include target assignment, target tracking, consensus, stochastic game theory-based framework, event-triggered control, topology design and identification, coordination under uncertainty and coverage control. Establishes a bridge between fundamental cooperative control theory and specific problems of interest in a wide range of applications areas Includes example applications from the fields of space exploration, radiation shielding, site clearance, tracking/classification, surveillance, search-and-rescue and more Features detailed presentations of specific algorithms and application frameworks with relevant commercial and military applications Provides a comprehensive look at the latest developments in this rapidly evolving field, while offering informed speculation on future directions for collective control systems The use of multi-agent system technologies in both everyday commercial use and national defense is certain to increase tremendously in the years ahead, making this book a valuable resource for researchers, engineers, and applied mathematicians working in systems and controls, as well as advanced undergraduates and graduate students interested in those areas.

11134.83 РУБ



Ibrahim Dincer Optimization of Energy Systems

An essential resource for optimizing energy systems to enhance design capability, performance and sustainability Optimization of Energy Systems comprehensively describes the thermodynamic modelling, analysis and optimization of numerous types of energy systems in various applications. It provides a new understanding of the system and the process of defining proper objective functions for determination of the most suitable design parameters for achieving enhanced efficiency, cost effectiveness and sustainability. Beginning with a general summary of thermodynamics, optimization techniques and optimization methods for thermal components, the book goes on to describe how to determine the most appropriate design parameters for more complex energy systems using various optimization methods. The results of each chapter provide potential tools for design, analysis, performance improvement, and greenhouse gas emissions reduction. Key features: Comprehensive coverage of the modelling, analysis and optimization of many energy systems for a variety of applications. Examples, practical applications and case studies to put theory into practice. Study problems at the end of each chapter that foster critical thinking and skill development. Written in an easy-to-follow style, starting with simple systems and moving to advanced energy systems and their complexities. A unique resource for understanding cutting-edge research in the thermodynamic analysis and optimization of a wide range of energy systems, Optimization of Energy Systems is suitable for graduate and senior undergraduate students, researchers, engineers, practitioners, and scientists in the area of energy systems.

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Конструктор серии Трансформер 2в1, 607 деталей Ausini 690091

Конструктор серии Трансформер 2в1, 607 деталей Ausini 690091. ... Фарфоровые куклы Angel Collection · Игровые наборы для мальчиков и девочек ...

Страница 2 - Игрушки конструкторы - Stolica.ru

игрушки Ausini. Ausini Конструктор серии Космос 202 (25461) 20.12.2018: под заказ .... Ausini Конструктор Ангел 277 (24601) 20.12.2018: под заказ. 730p.

Игровой конструктор Ausini "Город" арт. 25301 отзывы

Став старше, ребенок начинает интересоваться более умными игрушками. Где-то, примерно, лет с трех, наш мальчик просто в восторге от ...

Детский конструктор Ausini Ангел, 164 деталей Кафе 69731 ...

Детский конструктор Аусини Ангел, 164 дет. Кафе. 69731 (купить выгодно онлайн) является отличным развивающим набором малышам возрастной ...

Игры и игрушки производства Ausini на Toyterra.ru

LEGO конструкторы .... Наборы для творчества ТМ "Angel Cream" ..... с конструкторами других марок, таких, как LEGO, Sluban, Ausini, Bela и Brick.

Игрушки от компании Ausini - ToysVill

В нашем интернет-магазине Вы можете недорого купить пластмассовые конструкторы «Ausini» следующих серий: Ангел, Космос, Военные, ...

Конструктор для двочек ausini (аусини) серии Ангел, 245 деталей ...

Для детей Конструктор для двочек ausini (аусини) серии Ангел, 245 деталей. Аналог Лего ( совместим с Лего Дупло(Lego Duplo)) - купить в ...

Конструкторы Ausini Большой дом 523 элемента в Кирове - 22 ...

В категории: Конструкторы Ausini Большой дом 523 элемента - купить по выгодной цене, ... Конструктор Ausini Ангел. Загородный дом 457 деталей.

Самые красивые женщины народов России. Часть I (41 фото)

Самые красивые женщины крупнейших народов России. Список с фотографиями

Конструкторы Ausini (лего совместимые) - купить в Москве - OVDI.ru

Купите конструкторы ausini в интернет-магазине подарков ОВДИ. Низкие цены, быстрая доставка. ➜☎ 8 (499) 110-30-48.

Купить детский конструктор AUSINI в интернет магазине Детский ...

Детские конструкторы AUSINI в интернет магазине Детский Мир по выгодным ценам. Большой выбор, акции, скидки.Не найдено: ангелКонструктор ausini космос 129 элементов 2546913orb.ru/конструктор-ausini-космос-129-элементов-25469/Сохраненная копияКонструктор Ausini Космос 175 элементов 25460 конструктор ausini космос ... Конструктор Ausini Ангел 277 элементов 24601 конструктор ausini космос ...

Стихи в память о маме, которой нет

Подборка душевно-трогательных стихов с картинками в память о маме, которой нет. Для тех ...

Конструкторы Ausini (лего совместимые) - купить в Москве - ОВДИ

Купите конструкторы ausini в интернет-магазине подарков ОВДИ. Низкие цены, быстрая доставка. ➜☎ 8 (499) 110-30-48.

"Ausini" - заказать в магазине Ukazka.ru. Страница № 3 - Указка.Ру

Товары Ausini в каталоге магазина Указка.Ру. На странице № 3 показано 20 товаров из общего количества: 251 товаров. ... Список товаров начинается с "Конструктор Погрузчик "Городские ... Конструктор "Ангел", 277 деталей.

lego angel с бесплатной доставкой на AliExpress.com

lego angel отличного качества с бесплатной доставкой по всему миру на AliExpress.com. ... KAZI; GUDI; Feleph; LOZ; AUSINI; ENLIGHTEN; Mailackers .... зверь Ultimate Ангел Rogue Квиксильвер здания Конструкторы Кирпичи ... 3 956 ...

Ausini Мир чудес 24102 — купить по Убойной Цене + Отзывы и ...

Конструктор Ангел, 164 детали "Кафе" Ausini 24407 · 397 ₽В магазин · Конструктор Ausini ... Конструктор Ausini Ангел 164 элемента · 385 ₽В магазин.

Конструктор Ausini Военные 166 деталей 22407 - euro-bt.ru

Конструктор Ausini Военные 166 деталей 22407.

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Конструктор Ausini Ангел 277 деталей - Акушерство.Ru

Конструктор Ausini Ангел 277 деталей с доставкой на дом для Москвы и других регионов России! ✓ Купите выгодно в интернет-магазине ...

Конструктор Ausini, роботы из серии Armored Heroes - Видео ...

Первый опыт в сборке конструктора от Ausini, являющегося аналогом знаменитого бренда Lego. Серия Armored Heroes включающая трех ...Обзор Конструктора Капитан NO.25268 (Ausini) - Чужой Против ...https://ru-clip.net/.../обзор-конструктора-капитан-no-25268-ausini-чужой-против-п...Сохраненная копияОбзор Конструктора Капитан NO.25268 (Ausini) - Чужой Против [Прощай Детство] Фигурки из обзоров можно купить тут - goo.gl/QSxNcK Эпичная Рэп ...

Конструктор Ausini серия "Поезд" - Интернет-магазин детских ...

Интернет-магазин детских товаров Зайка моя Екатеринбург: Каталог: Конструктор Ausini серия "Поезд"

Конструкторы Ausini: купить в магазине RC-GO - RC-GO.ru

Конструкторы Ausini: купить в магазине RC-GO.

Конструктор Ausini Военные 118 Элементов 22403: где купить ...

Конструктор Ausini Военные 118 Элементов 22403, сравните цены и купите дешевле, всего от 255 руб., а так же: ... Конструктор Ангел 277 элемен.

Конструкторы Ausini – купить в Москве в Дочки-Сыночки

Купите конструкторы Аусини с бесплатной доставкой по Москве в интернет-магазине Дочки-Сыночки, цены от 29 руб., в наличии 50 моделей ...

Аналоги Лего Ausini купить в интернет-магазине Жили-были

Раздел Аналоги Лего Ausini содержит следующие товары: Конструктор Пираты 705 деталей,Конструктор ... Конструктор Ангел 277деталей Вилла.

Plamen angelov evolving intelligent systems methodology and applications. Конструктор Ausini Ангел 457 деталей - Акушерство.Ru

Конструктор Ausini Ангел 457 деталей с доставкой на дом для Москвы и других регионов России! ✓ Купите выгодно в интернет-магазине ...

Конструктор Ausini 25604 | Детские игрушки | Pinterest

Конструктор Ausini 25604. Visit ... 1000 Ravensburger Puzzle Christmas 2010 Limited Edition Two Angels 80337 NEW #Ravensburger Ravensburger Puzzle,.

фиброз.рф - Конструктор Ausini

Конструктор Ausini. Производитель: Ausini Модель: 21901 ... Конструктор Ausini. 790.00 р. text_reviews ... Белый ангел (115х70) о/б арт.3826. 2 438.00 р.

Конструкторы Ausini Toys для мальчиков — купить игру в Сотмаркете

Конструкторы Ausini Toys для мальчиков — Выбор по параметрам, характеристики, отзывы, фото. Бесплатная доставка и гарантия.

Конструктор Ausini серия Ангел 457 дет. Загородный дом 24804

Описание товара Конструктор Ausini серия Ангел 457 дет. ... Сказочная страна\ИГРУШКИ\КОНСТРУКТОР\Блочный Брик, Белла, Город мастеров\.

Констр-р Ангел, 148дет. Вечеринка. (Конструкторы блочные ...

18 сент. 2017 г. - Каталог товаров интернет-магазинов. Констр-р Ангел, 148дет. Вечеринка. (Конструкторы блочные) Ausini. Сравнить цены.

Конструктор ausini молния 177 элементов 25476 - купить недорого ...

конструктор ausini молния 177 элементов 25476 купить по лучшей цене ... Конструктор Ausini Ангел 277 элементов 24601 конструктор ausini молния ...

Plamen angelov evolving intelligent systems methodology and applications. Конструктор Ausini Ангел 277 деталей - Акушерство.Ru

Конструктор Ausini Ангел 277 деталей с доставкой на дом для Москвы и других регионов России! ✓ Купите выгодно в интернет-магазине ...

Лего кубики ausini 25808 573 - ЭкоТовары

Lego Classic 10693 Конструктор Лего Классик Набор для творчества - яркие цвета. Бренд: LEGO .... Конструктор Ausini Ангел 277 элементов 24601.

Ausini Конструктор "Капитан - Робот гонец" (71Д) — купить на ...

Почтой России, 300 00 ₽. Курьером, До пункта выдачи. Транспортной компанией "сдэк" до ближайшего пункта выдачи. 300 , 00 ₽. Самовывоз, Выберите ...

Конструкторы AUSINI | Категории товаров | Детский магазин ...

Детские конструкторы AUSINI аусини в интернет-магазине ВИННИ winni.com.ua. Большой выбор качественных конструкторов AUSINI (Аусини) с ...

AUSINI Конструктор "Армия" - Вертолет, 308 деталей [22602 ...

Сборная модель в интернет-магазине BeCompact.Ru: купить AUSINI Конструктор "Армия" - Вертолет, 308 деталей [22602]. Характеристики и фото.

Конструктор игровой Ausini 24403 купить по низкой цене в Москве ...

Конструктор игровой Ausini «Ангел» 24403 — классический конструктор, состоящий из деталей, с помощью которых можно собрать полноценную ...

Конструкторы Ausini Большой дом 523 элемента купить в ...

Большой каталог товаров: конструкторы ausini большой дом 523 элемента ▽ - сравнение цен в интернет магазинах, описания и характеристики ...

Ausini - herebestmarcet.gq

Конструктор Ausini Армия 213 элементов 22502. 520 RUR. Ausini. Ausini / / ... Конструктор Ausini Ангел 277 элементов 24601. 600 RUR. Ausini. Ausini / / ...

Конструктор Ausini 22413 Артикул 533305 купить недорого в Калуге

268 руб, Конструктор Ausini 22413. Широкий выбор детских товаров по низким ценам. Доставка. Гарантия. ☎ 8 800 707 05 59.

Конструктор ausini город воздушный шар 195 элементов 25416 ...

Конструктор игровой Ausini 25416 прекрасный подарок для юного ... Конструктор Ausini Ангел 277 элементов 24601 конструктор ausini город ...

Игрушки Конструктор Ангел, 457дет. Загородный дом., арт. 24804 ...

на сайте можно купить игрушки Конструктор Ангел, 457дет. ... 24804, 24804, Ausini по самым низким ценам в ЧебоксарахВозрос: от 3 – 7 лет 457 ...

Конструктор Ausini "Робот Скорпион". 238 деталей 25565. Игрушки ...

Робот Скорпион не оставит равнодушными мальчишек, которые являются фанатами компьютерных игр. Из 238 деталей конструктора ребятам ...

Конструктор Ausini Ангел 277 дет. 24601 - Плеер.ру

Обзор Ausini Ангел 277 дет. 24601: цена, фото, технические характеристики и комплектация.

Ausini в Минске. Сравнить цены, купить потребительские товары ...

Конструктор Ausini Страна Чудес, модель 24704 "Загородный клуб"(440 деталей). 40 BYR. 40 руб. ..... Конструктор Ausini Ангел 457 дет. 24804. 87 BYR.

Конструкторы Ausini купить, сравнить цены в Верхней Пышме ...

Конструктор игровой Ausini 69832 оригинальный комплект, состоящий из деталей, с помощью которых ..... Конструктор игровой Ausini «Ангел» 24601.

Конструктор Ausini - Интернет магазин детских товаров "Нафаня ...

Интернет магазин детских товаров "Нафаня" Екатеринбург - Асбест: Каталог: Конструктор Ausini.

Ausini Страна чудес 24804 - купить в Москве по выгодной цене

Конструктор Ausini Страна Чудес - Школа 248 деталей (ZY087157) 24501. Быстрый просмотр .... Быстрый просмотр. Конструктор Ausini Ангел 24804.

Купить Конструктор Ausini Ангел Загородный дом 457 деталей

Купить Конструктор Ausini Ангел Загородный дом 457 деталей, Пластиковые Ausini в интернет магазине Бутуз.

Конструктор Ausini: серии и отзывы - FB.ru

28 февр. 2016 г. - Поэтому бюджетный конструктор Ausini вполне может прийти на смену дорогому и ... 11 признаков, что вас посетил ангел-хранитель.

Купить Блочный конструктор Ausini оптом по цене от 24.78 руб и в ...

Интернет-магазин SIMA-LAND.RU – Блочный конструктор Ausini купить по цене опта от 24.78 руб. 319 SKU в наличии от производителя с доставкой.Не найдено: ангелКонструкторы Ausini - Конструкторы купить в Беларуси | Tomas.byhttps://tomas.by › Товары › Детские товары › Игрушки › КонструкторыСохраненная копияРезультаты поиска по запросу "Конструкторы Ausini" в категории ... Конструктор Ausini Страна чудес 24901 .... Конструктор Ausini Ангел 457 дет. 24804.

Конструкторы Ausini Страна чудес 361 элемент - Каталог товаров ...

В нашем каталоге вы всегда сможете найти Конструкторы Ausini Страна ... Конструкторы Ausini Ангел 164 детали, 520 р. akusherstvo.ru, В магазин >>.

♥Самое быстрое СП•♥• Огромный выбор- обуви, Милхан, Солди ...

Приятного всем настроения!!! Доброй предновогодней суеты!!! http://dl7.glitter-graphics.net/pub/650/650147gq8kso64v5 ...

Конструктор Ausini Пираты 705 элементов 27905

Конструктор Ausini серии Пираты 705 27905. Цена: 1923.81 руб. 2500 руб. ... Конструктор Ausini Ангел 277 элементов 24601. Цена: 600 руб. 780 руб.

Сериалы ТУТ! Сериалы онлайн смотреть бесплатно. Смотреть ...

Сериал – часть жизни многих россиян! Вы любите смотреть сериалы, но не можете себе этого ...


Конструкторы Ausini производят в Китае и это несомненно качественный товар, проверенный не ... Констр-р ангел, 457дет. загородный дом (69735).

Конструктор для двочек Ausini (Аусини) серии Ангел, 576 деталей ...

Для детей Конструктор для двочек Ausini (Аусини) серии Ангел, 576 деталей. Аналог Лего ( совместим с Лего Дупло(Lego Duplo)) - купить в ...

Купить Конструктор Ausini Сила рыцаря "Крепость" в Пензе, цена ...

Купить недорого Конструктор Ausini Сила рыцаря 'Крепость' в интернет-магазине vseinet.ru. Рассрочка и кредит.

Конструктор Ausini Ангел 164 дет. 24407 - Плеер.Ру

Обзор Ausini Ангел 164 дет. 24407: цена, фото, технические характеристики и комплектация.

«Конструктор Ausini Мир чудес 24106» — Детские товары ...

28 нояб. 2018 г. - Конструктор Ausini Мир чудес 24105. для девочки ..... Ausini Конструктор Волшебная страна (108 дет.) .... Ausini Констр-р Ангел, 457дет.

Смотреть фильмы онлайн бесплатно

Известная итальянская модель Мадалина Генеа, которая на данный момент является ...

Купить Конструктор "Секрет волшебницы: Крепость "Черепа ...

Купить Конструктор "Секрет волшебницы: Крепость "Черепа" / Ausini в интернет-магазине Насяня в Нижнем Новгороде по выгодной цене с доставкой.

Ausini - Техмаркет

Конструкторы. Конструкторы блочные · все товары категории. 3 товара ... Производитель: Ausini ... Производитель: Ausini ... Производитель: Ausini ...

William Rouse B. Modeling and Visualization of Complex Systems Enterprises. Explorations Physical, Human, Economic, Social Phenomena

Explains multi-level models of enterprise systems and covers modeling methodology This book addresses the essential phenomena underlying the overall behaviors of complex systems and enterprises. Understanding these phenomena can enable improving these systems. These phenomena range from physical, behavioral, and organizational, to economic and social, all of which involve significant human components. Specific phenomena of interest and how they are represented depend on the questions of interest and the relevant domains or contexts. Modeling and Visualization of Complex Systems and Enterprises examines visualization of phenomena and how understanding the relationships among phenomena can provide the basis for understanding where deeper exploration is warranted. The author also reviews mathematical and computational models, defined very broadly across disciplines, which can enable deeper understanding. Presents a 10 step methodology for addressing questions associated with the design or operation of complex systems and enterprises Examines six archetypal enterprise problems including two from healthcare, two from urban systems, and one each from financial systems and defense systems Provides an introduction to the nature of complex systems, historical perspectives on complexity and complex adaptive systems, and the evolution of systems practice Modeling and Visualization of Complex Systems and Enterprises is written for graduate students studying systems science and engineering and professionals involved in systems science and engineering, those involved in complex systems such as healthcare delivery, urban systems, sustainable energy, financial systems, and national security.

8997.79 РУБ



Rick Ubic Microwave Materials and Applications

The recent rapid progress in wireless telecommunication, including the Internet of Things, 5th generation wireless systems, satellite broadcasting, and intelligent transport systems has increased the need for low-loss dielectric materials and modern fabrication techniques. These materials have excellent electrical, dielectric, and thermal properties and have enormous potential, especially in wireless communication, flexible electronics, and printed electronics. Microwave Materials and Applications discusses the methods commonly employed for measuring microwave dielectric properties, the various attempts reported to solve problems of materials chemistry and crystal structure, doping, substitution, and composite formation, highlighting the processing techniques, morphology influences, and applications of microwave materials whilst summarizing many of the recent technical research accomplishments in the area of microwave dielectrics and applications Chapters examine: Oxide ceramics for dielectric resonators and substrates HTCC, LTCC and ULTCC tapes for substrates Polymer ceramic composites for printed circuit boards Elastomer-ceramic composites for flexible electronics Dielectric inks EMI shielding materials Microwave ferrites A comprehensive Appendix presents the fundamental properties for more than 4000 low-loss dielectric ceramics, their composition, crystal structure, and their microwave dielectric properties. Microwave Materials and Applications presents a comprehensive view of all aspects of microwave materials and applications, making it useful for scientists, industrialists, engineers, and students working on current and emerging applications of wireless communications and consumer electronics.

26243.55 РУБ



Guoping Wang Transfer Matrix Method for Multibody Systems. Theory and Applications

TRANSFER MATRIX METHOD FOR MULTIBODY SYSTEMS: THEORY AND APPLICATIONS Xiaoting Rui, Guoping Wang and Jianshu Zhang – Nanjing University of Science and Technology, China Featuring a new method of multibody system dynamics, this book introduces the transfer matrix method systematically for the first time. First developed by the lead author and his research team, this method has found numerous engineering and technological applications. Readers are first introduced to fundamental concepts like the body dynamics equation, augmented operator and augmented eigenvector before going in depth into precision analysis and computations of eigenvalue problems as well as dynamic responses. The book also covers a combination of mixed methods and practical applications in multiple rocket launch systems, self-propelled artillery as well as launch dynamics of on-ship weaponry. • Comprehensively introduces a new method of analyzing multibody dynamics for engineers • Provides a logical development of the transfer matrix method as applied to the dynamics of multibody systems that consist of interconnected bodies • Features varied applications in weaponry, aeronautics, astronautics, vehicles and robotics Written by an internationally renowned author and research team with many years experience in multibody systems Transfer Matrix Method of Multibody System and Its Applications is an advanced level text for researchers and engineers in mechanical system dynamics. It is a comprehensive reference for advanced students and researchers in the related fields of aerospace, vehicle, robotics and weaponry engineering.

14713.34 РУБ



Francine Krief Communicating Embedded Systems. Networks Applications

Embedded systems become more and more complex and require having some knowledge in various disciplines such as electronics, data processing, telecommunications and networks. Without detailing all the aspects related to the design of embedded systems, this book, which was written by specialists in electronics, data processing and telecommunications and networks, gives an interesting point of view of communication techniques and problems in embedded systems. This choice is easily justified by the fact that embedded systems are today massively communicating and that telecommunications and networks constitute the main sector of embedded systems.

11877.96 РУБ



Francine Krief Communicating Embedded Systems. Networks Applications

Embedded systems become more and more complex and require having some knowledge in various disciplines such as electronics, data processing, telecommunications and networks. Without detailing all the aspects related to the design of embedded systems, this book, which was written by specialists in electronics, data processing and telecommunications and networks, gives an interesting point of view of communication techniques and problems in embedded systems. This choice is easily justified by the fact that embedded systems are today massively communicating and that telecommunications and networks constitute the main sector of embedded systems.

11622.14 РУБ



Li Chun Drug Delivery Applications of Noninvasive Imaging. Validation from Biodistribution to Sites Action

Cost-effective strategies for designing novel drug delivery systems that target a broad range of disease conditions In vivo imaging has become an important tool for the development of new drug delivery systems, shedding new light on the pharmacokinetics, biodistribution, bioavailability, local concentration, and clearance of drug substances for the treatment of human disease, most notably cancer. Written by a team of international experts, this book examines the use of quantitative imaging techniques in designing and evaluating novel drug delivery systems and applications. Drug Delivery Applications of Noninvasive Imaging offers a full arsenal of tested and proven methods, practices and guidance, enabling readers to overcome the many challenges in creating successful new drug delivery systems. The book begins with an introduction to molecular imaging. Next, it covers: In vivo imaging techniques and quantitative analysis Imaging drugs and drug carriers at the site of action, including low-molecular weight radiopharmaceuticals, peptides and proteins, siRNA, cells, and nanoparticles Applications of imaging techniques in administration routes other than intravenous injection, such as pulmonary and oral delivery Translational research leading to clinical applications Imaging drug delivery in large animal models Clinical applications of imaging techniques to guide drug development and drug delivery Chapters are based on a thorough review of the current literature as well as the authors firsthand experience working with imaging techniques for the development of novel drug delivery systems. Presenting state-of-the-technology applications of imaging in preclinical and clinical evaluation of drug delivery systems, Drug Delivery Applications of Noninvasive Imaging offers cost-effective strategies to pharmaceutical researchers and students for developing drug delivery systems that accurately target a broad range of disease conditions.

13487.23 РУБ



John Voeller G. Detection and Intelligent Systems for Homeland Security

Detection and Intelligent Systems for Homeland Security features articles from the Wiley Handbook of Science and Technology for Homeland Security covering advanced technology for image and video interpretation systems used for surveillance, which help in solving such problems as identifying faces from live streaming or stored videos. Biometrics for human identification, including eye retinas and irises, and facial patterns are also presented. The book then provides information on sensors for detection of explosive and radioactive materials and methods for sensing chemical and biological agents in urban environments.

1910.16 РУБ



Yi Guo Distributed Cooperative Control. Emerging Applications

Examines new cooperative control methodologies tailored to real-world applications in various domains such as in communication systems, physics systems, and multi-robotic systems Provides the fundamental mechanism for solving collective behaviors in naturally-occurring systems as well as cooperative behaviors in man-made systems Discusses cooperative control methodologies using real-world applications, including semi-conductor laser arrays, mobile sensor networks, and multi-robotic systems Includes results from the research group at the Stevens Institute of Technology to show how advanced control technologies can impact challenging issues, such as high energy systems and oil spill monitoring

8247.97 РУБ



Roger Woods FPGA-based Implementation of Signal Processing Systems

An important working resource for engineers and researchers involved in the design, development, and implementation of signal processing systems The last decade has seen a rapid expansion of the use of field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) for a wide range of applications beyond traditional digital signal processing (DSP) systems. Written by a team of experts working at the leading edge of FPGA research and development, this second edition of FPGA-based Implementation of Signal Processing Systems has been extensively updated and revised to reflect the latest iterations of FPGA theory, applications, and technology. Written from a system-level perspective, it features expert discussions of contemporary methods and tools used in the design, optimization and implementation of DSP systems using programmable FPGA hardware. And it provides a wealth of practical insights—along with illustrative case studies and timely real-world examples—of critical concern to engineers working in the design and development of DSP systems for radio, telecommunications, audio-visual, and security applications, as well as bioinformatics, Big Data applications, and more. Inside you will find up-to-date coverage of: FPGA solutions for Big Data Applications, especially as they apply to huge data sets The use of ARM processors in FPGAs and the transfer of FPGAs towards heterogeneous computing platforms The evolution of High Level Synthesis tools—including new sections on Xilinxs HLS Vivado tool flow and Alteras OpenCL approach Developments in Graphical Processing Units (GPUs), which are rapidly replacing more traditional DSP systems FPGA-based Implementation of Signal Processing Systems, 2nd Edition is an indispensable guide for engineers and researchers involved in the design and development of both traditional and cutting-edge data and signal processing systems. Senior-level electrical and computer engineering graduates studying signal processing or digital signal processing also will find this volume of great interest.

8997.79 РУБ



Yoon Lee S. Self-Assembly and Nanotechnology Systems. Design, Characterization, Applications

A fundamental resource for understanding and developing effective self-assembly and nanotechnology systems Systematically integrating self-assembly, nanoassembly, and nanofabrication into one easy-to-use source, Self-Assembly and Nanotechnology Systems effectively helps students, professors, and researchers comprehend and develop applicable techniques for use in the field. Through case studies, countless examples, clear questions, and general applications, this book provides experiment-oriented techniques for designing, applying, and characterizing self-assembly and nanotechnology systems. Self-Assembly and Nanotechnology Systems includes: Techniques for identifying assembly building units Practical assembly methods to focus on when developing nanomaterials, nanostructures, nanoproperties, nanofabricated systems, and nanomechanics Algorithmic diagrams in each chapter for a general overview Schematics designed to link assembly principles with actual systems Hands-on lab activities This informative reference also analyzes the diverse origins and structures of assembly building units, segmental analysis, and selection of assembly principles, methods, characterization techniques, and predictive models. Complementing the authors previous conceptually based book on this topic, Self-Assembly and Nanotechnology Systems is a practical guide that grants practitioners not only the skills to properly analyze assembly building units but also how to work with applications to exercise and develop their knowledge of this rapidly advancing scientific field.

11954.59 РУБ



MacIsaac Bernie Gas Turbine Propulsion Systems

Major changes in gas turbine design, especially in the design and complexity of engine control systems, have led to the need for an up to date, systems-oriented treatment of gas turbine propulsion. Pulling together all of the systems and subsystems associated with gas turbine engines in aircraft and marine applications, Gas Turbine Propulsion Systems discusses the latest developments in the field. Chapters include aircraft engine systems functional overview, marine propulsion systems, fuel control and power management systems, engine lubrication and scavenging systems, nacelle and ancillary systems, engine certification, unique engine systems and future developments in gas turbine propulsion systems. The authors also present examples of specific engines and applications. Written from a wholly practical perspective by two authors with long careers in the gas turbine & fuel systems industries, Gas Turbine Propulsion Systems provides an excellent resource for project and program managers in the gas turbine engine community, the aircraft OEM community, and tier 1 equipment suppliers in Europe and the United States. It also offers a useful reference for students and researchers in aerospace engineering.

11111.64 РУБ



Yasuhide Shindo Electromagneto-Mechanics of Material Systems and Structures

Comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals and state of the art research developments in electromagneto-mechanics of adaptive materials • Covers a wide and varied range of subject areas (theoretical, experimental, computational studies and/or industrial applications) of electromagneto-mechanics from state-of-the-art fundamental research to applied research, and applications in emerging technologies • Electromagneto-mechanics of material systems and structures has developed rapidly with extensive applications in electronics industry, nuclear engineering, smart materials and MEMS • Written by one of the world’s leading experts in this field

11997.76 РУБ



Zhengyou He Wavelet Analysis and Transient Signal Processing Applications for Power Systems

An original reference applying wavelet analysis to power systems engineering • Introduces a modern signal processing method called wavelet analysis, and more importantly, its applications to power system fault detection and protection • Concentrates on its application to the power system, offering great potential for fault detection and protection • Presents applications, examples, and case studies, together with the latest research findings • Provides a combination of the author’s tutorial notes from electrical engineering courses together with his own original research work, of interest to both industry and academia

9748.31 РУБ



Naum Uriev B. Technology of Dispersed Systems and Materials. Physicochemical Dynamics Structure Formation Rheology

Written by the founder of the field, this practice-oriented guide summarizes the authors breakthrough research results and their applications in chemical technology. The book adopts an entirely novel approach, describing the physical chemistry of structure formation and materials synthesis under dynamic conditions. It begins by developing the general theory in the first two chapters with as little mathematics as necessary and substantiated by experimental results in each case. The following chapters deal with the fundamental aspects of rheology, vibrorheology, and superfluidity of structured dispersed systems within the framework of physicochemical dynamics, while the final chapter exemplifies the technological applications of the developed methodology using real-life problems of materials science and chemical engineering. The authoritative guide to physicochemical dynamics.

7498.16 РУБ



Luca Roselli Microwave and Millimeter Wave Circuits Systems. Emerging Design, Technologies Applications

Microwave and Millimeter Wave Circuits and Systems: Emerging Design, Technologies and Applications provides a wide spectrum of current trends in the design of microwave and millimeter circuits and systems. In addition, the book identifies the state-of-the art challenges in microwave and millimeter wave circuits systems design such as behavioral modeling of circuit components, software radio and digitally enhanced front-ends, new and promising technologies such as substrate-integrated-waveguide (SIW) and wearable electronic systems, and emerging applications such as tracking of moving targets using ultra-wideband radar, and new generation satellite navigation systems. Each chapter treats a selected problem and challenge within the field of Microwave and Millimeter wave circuits, and contains case studies and examples where appropriate. Key Features: Discusses modeling and design strategies for new appealing applications in the domain of microwave and millimeter wave circuits and systems Written by experts active in the Microwave and Millimeter Wave frequency range (industry and academia) Addresses modeling/design/applications both from the circuit as from the system perspective Covers the latest innovations in the respective fields Each chapter treats a selected problem and challenge within the field of Microwave and Millimeter wave circuits, and contains case studies and examples where appropriate This book serves as an excellent reference for engineers, researchers, research project managers and engineers working in R&D, professors, and post-graduates studying related courses. It will also be of interest to professionals working in product development and PhD students.

11993.49 РУБ



Liudong Xing Binary Decision Diagrams and Extensions for System Reliability Analysis

Recent advances in science and technology have made modern computing and engineering systems more powerful and sophisticated than ever. The increasing complexity and scale imply that system reliability problems not only continue to be a challenge but also require more efficient models and solutions. This is the first book systematically covering the state-of-the-art binary decision diagrams and their extended models, which can provide efficient and exact solutions to reliability analysis of large and complex systems. The book provides both basic concepts and detailed algorithms for modelling and evaluating reliability of a wide range of complex systems, such as multi-state systems, phased-mission systems, fault-tolerant systems with imperfect fault coverage, systems with common-cause failures, systems with disjoint failures, and systems with functional dependent failures. These types of systems abound in safety-critical or mission-critical applications such as aerospace, circuits, power systems, medical systems, telecommunication systems, transmission systems, traffic light systems, data storage systems, and etc. The book provides both small-scale illustrative examples and large-scale benchmark examples to demonstrate broad applications and advantages of different decision diagrams based methods for complex system reliability analysis. Other measures including component importance and failure frequency are also covered. A rich set of references is cited in the book, providing helpful resources for readers to pursue further research and study of the topics. The target audience of the book is reliability and safety engineers or researchers. The book can serve as a textbook on system reliability analysis. It can also serve as a tutorial and reference book on decision diagrams, multi-state systems, phased-mission systems, and imperfect fault coverage models.

13121.77 РУБ



Raja Bala Computer Vision and Imaging in Intelligent Transportation Systems

Acts as single source reference providing readers with an overview of how computer vision can contribute to the different applications in the field of road transportation This book presents a survey of computer vision techniques related to three key broad problems in the roadway transportation domain: safety, efficiency, and law enforcement. The individual chapters present significant applications within those problem domains, each presented in a tutorial manner, describing the motivation for and benefits of the application, and a description of the state of the art. Key features: Surveys the applications of computer vision techniques to road transportation system for the purposes of improving safety and efficiency and to assist law enforcement. Offers a timely discussion as computer vision is reaching a point of being useful in the field of transportation systems. Available as an enhanced eBook with video demonstrations to further explain the concepts discussed in the book, as well as links to publically available software and data sets for testing and algorithm development. The book will benefit the many researchers, engineers and practitioners of computer vision, digital imaging, automotive and civil engineering working in intelligent transportation systems. Given the breadth of topics covered, the text will present the reader with new and yet unconceived possibilities for application within their communities.

9372.7 РУБ



Camilo Olaya Social Systems Engineering. The Design of Complexity

Uniquely reflects an engineering view to social systems in a wide variety of contexts of application Social Systems Engineering: The Design of Complexity brings together a wide variety of application approaches to social systems from an engineering viewpoint. The book defines a social system as any complex system formed by human beings. Focus is given to the importance of systems intervention design for specific and singular settings, the possibilities of engineering thinking and methods, the use of computational models in particular contexts, and the development of portfolios of solutions. Furthermore, this book considers both technical, human and social perspectives, which are crucial to solving complex problems. Social Systems Engineering: The Design of Complexity provides modelling examples to explore the design aspect of social systems. Various applications are explored in a variety of areas, such as urban systems, health care systems, socio-economic systems, and environmental systems. It covers important topics such as organizational design, modelling and intervention in socio-economic systems, participatory and/or community-based modelling, application of systems engineering tools to social problems, applications of computational behavioral modeling, computational modelling and management of complexity, and more. Highlights an engineering view to social systems (as opposed to a “scientific” view) that stresses the importance of systems intervention design for specific and singular settings Divulges works where the design, re-design, and transformation of social systems constitute the main aim, and where joint considerations of both technical and social perspectives are deemed important in solving social problems Features an array of applied cases that illustrate the application of social systems engineering in different domains Social Systems Engineering: The Design of Complexity is an excellent text for academics and graduate students in engineering and social science—specifically, economists, political scientists, anthropologists, and management scientists with an interest in finding systematic ways to intervene and improve social systems.

7498.16 РУБ



Rashvand Habib F. Distributed Sensor Systems. Practice and Applications

This book focuses on the distinct but tightly inter-related areas of development for distributed sensing systems In this book, the authors discuss the technological developments lead by sensor technology, addressing viable new applications to inspire a technological evolution. Under the advanced and visionary approach of distributed intelligence, the authors focus on three distinct but tightly inter-related areas of developments for distributed sensing systems (DSS): firstly, the sensor technology embracing the conversion of the phenomena of interest into desirable form of signal such as electric, secondly, the interaction process between sensing points which requires immense intelligence loosely called networking, and finally, the adoption of useful maturing systems through potential applications for right impacts for a better life and a brighter economy. Furthermore, the book contains a number of case studies and typical applications illustrating the technical details, features and functions of the systems, as well as demonstrating their benefits and limitations. Key Features: Discusses the technological developments lead by sensor technology Addresses viable new applications Contains a number of case studies and typical applications illustrating the technical details, features and functions of the systems Demonstrates the benefits and limitations of distributed sensing Written by experts with vast experience in the field (both in academia and industry) This book will be an invaluable reference for postgraduates studying related courses (communication engineering, engineering management, computer systems, industrial process, automation, design, environmental, urban, surveillance), R&D engineers, system and application designers, researchers, industrial project managers and engineers, and technical and strategic managers planning new products.

9042.58 РУБ



Ramm Alexander G. Dynamical Systems Method and Applications. Theoretical Developments Numerical Examples

Demonstrates the application of DSM to solve a broad range of operator equations The dynamical systems method (DSM) is a powerful computational method for solving operator equations. With this book as their guide, readers will master the application of DSM to solve a variety of linear and nonlinear problems as well as ill-posed and well-posed problems. The authors offer a clear, step-by-step, systematic development of DSM that enables readers to grasp the methods underlying logic and its numerous applications. Dynamical Systems Method and Applications begins with a general introduction and then sets forth the scope of DSM in Part One. Part Two introduces the discrepancy principle, and Part Three offers examples of numerical applications of DSM to solve a broad range of problems in science and engineering. Additional featured topics include: General nonlinear operator equations Operators satisfying a spectral assumption Newton-type methods without inversion of the derivative Numerical problems arising in applications Stable numerical differentiation Stable solution to ill-conditioned linear algebraic systems Throughout the chapters, the authors employ the use of figures and tables to help readers grasp and apply new concepts. Numerical examples offer original theoretical results based on the solution of practical problems involving ill-conditioned linear algebraic systems, and stable differentiation of noisy data. Written by internationally recognized authorities on the topic, Dynamical Systems Method and Applications is an excellent book for courses on numerical analysis, dynamical systems, operator theory, and applied mathematics at the graduate level. The book also serves as a valuable resource for professionals in the fields of mathematics, physics, and engineering.

11954.59 РУБ




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